Our Team

We’re a small team of lumber specialists who grew up with alder growing in our backyards. Our team has worked in the lumber industry their entire lives and we encourage you to reach our if you have any questions – big or small!

Mike Persons

CEO / President

Office: 541.549.0500
Cell: 541.505.0861
Fax: 541.549.0512
Email: Mpersons@woodtradeinternational.com


Heather Persons

Office Manager

Office: 541.549.0500
Cell: 541.215.0112
Fax: 541.549.0512
Email: Hpersons@woodtradeinternational.com

Jeff Haase

Domestic Sales

Cell: 541.914.8141
Fax: 541.549.0512

Email: Jshaase@comcast.net

Colby Ashbaugh

Shipping/Warehouse Manager

Office: 604.988.1280
Cell: 541.350.4396
Fax: 541.549.0512
Email: Cashbaugh@woodtradeinternational.com

Sara Persons

Accounting / Logistics

Cell: 541.914.8141
Fax: 541.549.0512

Email: spersons@woodtradeinternational.com

Tony Pistilli

Domestic / International Sales

Office: 604.988.1280
Cell: 604.328.1126
Fax: 604.988.1282

Email: woodtrade@telus.net

More About Us

Our forte' is supplying Alder Lumber to both foreign and domestic markets. Long term relationships provide us with a continuous supply of hardwood products at a great price which we're able to pass onto our customers.

Why W.T.I.?

With over 80 years of combined experience in sales and re-manufacturing of hardwood and softwood lumber, our team can be a valuable asset in assisting you with making the right decisions.