Wood Trade International is a Full Service Hardwood & Softwood  Lumber Supplier who offers a wide variety of both traditional and proprietary grades of top quality lumber. We specialize in Alder Hardwood as it grows in our backyards. We have been supplying top quality lumber to manufacturers and distributors around the world since 2005. From Full Truck loads to individual units, NO order is too small. At W.T.I., we have the capabilities to load Flat Beds, Ocean Containers, Rail Vans, Boxcars and LTL Freight.

Being located in the heart of Alder hardwood country, we’ve built lasting relationships with the local mills which rewards us with a steady supply of hardwoods – in particular Alder Hardwood – at competitive prices. It’s these competitive prices, our industry expertise and of course logistical skills that has made us such a huge asset to both large and small businesses  around the country.

Services Include:


  • Connector.

    S4S, Ripped to Width & Straight Line Rip One Edge & More

    Our value added products allow us to create custom orders to better match the needs of your business.

  • Connector.

    Mouldings & Other Custom Millwork

    Other capabilities include providing value added products from alder which are edge-glued panels, engineered door stiles, and cut stock.

  • Connector.

    You Name It, We Can Do It!

    Our small team allows us to work closely with our suppliers and customers to get the best quality hardwoods at the best cost, passing the savings to you, our customers.

“I encourage you to get in touch with one of our Lumber Specialists and see how we can save your business money. I’m confident that our team of Alder Specialists  can get you the grade you need at a price you can afford.”

-Mike Persons, CEO